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Natural Choice Directory for Willamette Valley (NCDWV) was established in 2007, and is available in print as an annual edition that is free to the public.

The publication serves as a quick guide to extensive choices in natural health, green living and other sustainably-minded resources throughout the Willamette Valley, including Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Corvallis, Albany, Salem, and the surrounding areas of these cities. Subtitled The Healthy Green Pages, NCDWV is the green alternative to the yellow pages.

This site is an online version of NCDWV, and is regularly and frequently updated throughout the year. New resources are generally added several times a month.

NCDWV is 100% locally owned and operated. We use green printing processes, conserve resources, participate in green energy programs, and believe strongly in building a local economy that is senstive to both ecological and economic concerns.

For Advertising Information click here or Call (541) 484-3773.

To see where you can pick up your FREE copy or get a FREE digital copy of the 2013/14 edition click here.

This site is hosted on wind-powered servers in Oregon.

Natural Choice Directory for Willamette Valley has been a certified member of the Green Business Network established by Green America since 2007.

Green American GOLD Certified Business
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